What is the best way to stay in contact with the Pre-Veterinary Society at UCF? 

The best way to stay connected with the PVS at UCF is to attend our bi-weekly meetings and to frequent our Facebook. The links to our Facebook and Event’s Facebook page can be found below. Make sure to join both pages so you don’t miss any exciting events!



Where and when does the club meet? 

Meetings for Fall 2017 will be held in NCS 108  (Nicholson School of Communication, Room 108), Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Meetings are held bi-weekly and will be announced on our Facebook Events Page.

How can I earn points to attend special events? 

Attending our bi-weekly meetings: 1 point                                              
Wearing a UCF Pre-Vet t-shirt at a meeting: 1 point
Tabling bi-weekly on Wednesdays, 2 hour max. per week: 1 point per hour
Submit a brief, original piece of writing for the bi-weekly newsletter: 1 point per submission, max. 2 submissions per semester
Participate in the current Donation Drive: 1 point per item, maximum of 3 points per donation drive
Volunteer with PVS: points determined per event

Unpaid, volunteer or research work with animals is also eligible for points! Fill out the volunteer sheet with your hours and submit them before restricted events.