Meet Our Officers

President: Julia Carlin

Class Standing: Senior.

Major/Minor: Biology.

Bio: Hello! I’m Julia Carlin, your 2018-2019 president! I’m a senior biology student and hoping to attend veterinary school next year with a exotic/wildlife focus in conservation medicine. I am an independent researcher investigating plastic pollution in birds of prey and in the Honors in the Major program currently working on writing my Honors thesis. Aspiring to work towards species conservation, my dream is to one day operate (and save) a bear. I’m so excited to be your president! Come talk, hang or study whenever!

Vice President: Antonio de Moura Monteiro

Class Standing: Junior

Major/Minor:Biomedical Sciences

Bio: I immigrated to the US at the age of 10 and am trilingual; I speak Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Veterinary medicine combines my passion for medicine and animals, as well as fulfills my desire to help those who are underrepresented in our society. Animals have always been treated as things significantly less important than humans, and I believe that they have the right to high quality of lives as well as good health. All I want is to play a role in helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

Treasurer: Pedro Delaplane

Class Standing: Senior

Major/Minor:Interdisciplinary science with environmental studies track

Bio: My name is Pedro and i was born in Costa Rica! I made a commitment to pursue Veterinary studies after i had obtained my A.A degree (and had some catching up to do) and have not looked back. I wish to be a large animal Veterinarian, but any field would be awesome! Also, I am certified to Teach English as a Second Language (TESOL)

Events Coordinator: Stephanie Cabrera


 Class Standing: Senior

Major/Minor: Biology

Bio: My name is Stephanie Cabrera and I am so excited to be your Event Coordinator this year and can’t wait to show you all that I have planned! I will be graduating this May with my Bachelors in Biology and I am currently working as a technician at Oviedo Veterinary Care and Emergency. I hope to apply this upcoming summer to Veterinary school and my ultimate goal is to one day become a Wildlife Veterinarian. I love animal medicine and cannot wait to play an even bigger role in it.

Secretary: Adina Bronshtein

Class Standing: Junior.

Major/Minor: Biology with a minor in Health Sciences

Bio: Hi! My name is Adina and I am the secretary this year. This is my third year at UCF and my third year being involved in the Pre-Vet society. My major is Biology with a minor in Health Sciences, and I hope to be a small animal vet. Besides the Pre-Vet Society, I am involved In Greek Life, I am a Resident Assistant on campus, and a lifeguard at the RWC. Keep an eye out for my newsletters which will include events and important information!

Public Relations: Daniela Jarquin 

Class Standing: Junior

Major/Minor: Biology major with a Minor in Health Services and Administration

Bio: Hello! My name is Daniela Jarquin and I am currently a Junior completing a Biology Major with a Minor in Health Services and Administration and am proudly your Public Relations Officer for the Pre-Veterinary Society. I currently work as a Vet Assistant/Receptionist at Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital and have been employed there since July 2016. On my off time, I like to go to the beach, go to the parks and mostly binge watch Netflix shows with my two mutts, Bandit and Ariel. I have been an active member of this society since my first semester at UCF and plan to stay dedicated in making this club grow. I strive to provide various opportunities and experiences to its members through expanding our club sponsorships and advertising the club. I am extremely ambitious and have high hopes to make next year the best year yet for the Pre-Veterinary Society!

Historian: Alyssa Alvarez

Class Standing: Junior.

Major/Minor: Biology

Bio: My name is Alyssa Alvarez, I am a junior and a biology major. Growing up I’ve changed what career I wanted to do a lot, but I have always loved and had a passion for protecting and caring for animals. Once I got to work with some horses and goats on my Uncle’s farm, I knew that I wanted to be in a field where I can help animals. I would love to work in either Zoo/ Wildlife medicine or in Large Animal Hospitals. I love that as a vet I can give a voice to those who can’t express it. I am so excited to be your historian this year. It is going to be great!

Web-Master: Tucker Stem

Class Standing: Senior

Major/Minor: Biology with zoology and pre-veterinary track

Bio: Hello everyone my name is Tucker Stem and I am a senior on the Biology and Pre-vet track. I have spent many hours volunteering at a primate sanctuary and am now working at the Alafaya Trail Animal Hospital. My dream is to work in South Africa and study lions. I want to do behavioral and medical research to see what we as humans can do to coexist with animals as our civilization encroaches further and further into their habitat.

Outreach Director: Rebekah Sartori

Class Standing: Junior

Major/Minor: Biology

Bio: Hi, I’m Rebekah Sartori and I’m currently a junior majoring in Biology. I’m honored to serve on the UCF Pre-Veterinary Society executive board as Outreach Director for the 2018-2019 year. Animal welfare and giving back to those most in need has always been a priority of mine. I’ve volunteered with the medical team at a local shelter for years where I assist with surgeries in the morning. I have developed such a passion for helping homeless animals that I aspire to be a shelter veterinarian. I believe that as future veterinarians we have an important responsibility to educate and improve the well being of people and pets alike. I have many new and exciting volunteer events planned for the upcoming year and look forward to using my role as Outreach Director to expand our impact on the community.