Meet Our Officers

President: Lexie LaPrade

Class Standing: Senior.

Major/Minor: Biology.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? It has been a dream of mine since I was 6 years old, but the moment I truly knew was when my horse had to be put down due to colic. Everyday since, I have had the desire to help animals in need, with special interest in situations similar to my horses.

Fields of Interest: Mixed practice with small and large animal.

Favorite Animal(s): Horses, dogs, and giraffes.

Fun Fact! I used to work at Jungle Adventures where I got experience working with exotic animals like alligators and snakes.

Vice President: Becky Klipin

Class Standing: Senior.

Major/Minor: Biology.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? Of course everyone interested in veterinary medicine has a passion for animals, but I also love the puzzles involved! Our patients can’t tell us what their problems are so helping them is so exhilarating and rewarding for me.

Fields of Interest: Zoo and Exotic medicine.

Favorite Animal(s): Elephants.

Fun Fact! I’m also a competitive aerialist.

Treasurer: Francesco Leverone

Class Standing: Junior.

Major/Minor: Biology with a pre-veterinary track.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? I started volunteering at an animal clinic since the beginning of high school, and sorry to sound cliché, but I fell in love with the practice. We live in a society where our pets are treated like members of the family, and I see this field of medicine flourishing, especially with advances in prosthetics for animals. I think I could be an asset to this wonderful medical field and I can picture myself curing animals in need.

Fields of Interest: Orthopedic Surgery of small animals.

Favorite Animal(s): Dog lover, favorite breed: American Bulldog.

Fun Fact! Gym-a-holic and Trilingual: Can speak Spanish, English, and Italian fluently.

Events Coordinator: Dalton Blanchard


 Class Standing: Junior.

Major/Minor: Biology.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? I want to be a vet so that I can save lives and provide awareness to the community about general pet health.

Fields of Interest: Exotics and small animal.

Favorite Animal(s): Elephant.

Fun Fact! I used to wrestle alligators.

Secretary: Brianna Millevoi

Class Standing: Junior.

Major/Minor: Biology.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? My dream to become a veterinarian only sparked two year ago when I lost my first ferret, Jack, to Lymphoma. I hope to live through him and help care and heal for all creatures big and small while saving the lives of these animals who mean so much to their owners.

Fields of Interest: Exotic/Avian Medicine, Zoo-Animal, Lab-Animal, Wildlife, Oncology, and Nutrition.

Favorite Animal(s): Sea Otter, Harp Seal, Cockatoo, Norwegian Fjord Horse, and Harpy Eagle.

Fun Fact! I want to learn Japanese and get my veterinary license to practice in Osaka or Kyoto one day.

Public Relations: Casey Bruno

Class Standing: Senior.

Major/Minor: Biology major with a minor in environmental studies.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? I want to be a vet because I love animals and medicine. I want to be an animal neurologist to specialize in helping saving animals from their disorders and to also help with preventative research on brains to help animals and humans in the future.

Fields of Interest: Neurology.

Favorite Animal(s): Dalmatians.

Fun Fact! I work at Banfield Animal Hospital.

Historian: Julia Carlin

Class Standing: Junior.

Major/Minor: Biology major with a minor in psychology.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? I am a huge believer in the fact that every animal species on this earth is equal. I believe that we, as humans, are just another animal species and with that we are no greater than the dogs we care for or the bears in the woods. With that, I want to ensure that every animal species receives the proper care and love that they truly deserve. I want to be able to help and treat those without their own voice and life my life through compassionate living. I am extremely passionate about science (especially organic chemistry woohoo orgo) so both the compassion involved in this career and medical side draw me into this path of vet med. Honestly, I just want to live out in the mountains and save some bears!!

Fields of Interest: Small and large animal.

Favorite Animal(s): Bear.

Fun Fact! I rock climb and become a junior national ranger in every national park I go to.

Web-Master: Antonio de Moura Monteiro

Class Standing: Sophomore.

Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? Veterinary medicine combines my passion for medicine and animals, as well as fulfills my desire to help those who are underrepresented in our society. Animals have always been treated as things significantly less important than humans, and I believe that they have the right to high quality of lives as well as good health. All I want is to play a role in helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

Fields of Interest: Conservation medicine, wildlife medicine, and mixed practice of large and small animal.

Favorite Animal(s): howler monkeys, leopards, and dogs (especially pit bulls.)

Fun Fact! I immigrated to the US at the age of 10 and am trilingual; I speak Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Outreach Director: Kelly Locke

Class Standing: Senior.

Major/Minor: Biology.

Why are you pursing a career in Veterinary Medicine? I am pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine because I have always wanted to be the voice that speaks up for the animals and to be able to educate the public about the importance of animal welfare.

Fields of Interest: Zoological Medicine, Equine Medicine, and Exotic Medicine.

Favorite Animal(s): Tigers, Harpy Eagles, and my cat, Elly!

Fun Fact! I am a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder.