Record Volunteer Hours

Please use the sheet linked below to record your volunteer hours. You receive 1 point for every 4 hours of volunteer work at an animal related organization (note: this includes shadowing at a veterinary hospital), as long as the work is unpaid and not for college credit.

You can also receive 1 point for every 2 hours of tabling with PVS outside the Student Union. The minimum shift time will be 30 minutes, and for every 2 hours completed you will receive 1 point. This can be done cumulatively, just make sure to bring your volunteer sheet and get it signed off by an officer at the end of your shift! There will be a maximum of 2 points awarded per day of tabling. On the sign-up sheet, please write your full name under “Member Name” in the time slots that you want and save the changes you make to the document by clicking “share.” Also please wear a PVS club t-shirt if you have one!

 Click here to view the sign-up sheet for tabling.

To receive points the volunteer location, date, start time, end time, supervisor’s name, supervisor’s email or phone number, and supervisor’s signature all must recorded. When you are ready to redeem your time for points, please turn in your form into our Secretary, Brianna.

Click here for the PVS Volunteer Sheet